Elections 2016

Here is your new Board, elected at the October 14 Annual General Meeting.   Congratulations to all!

Position Name Location Duration Term
President Cassandra Yantha Cape Dorset, NU 2 years 2016-18
Vice-President Sandra Sulilman Inuvik, NT 2 years 2016-18
Secretary/Treasurer Kristy Burgess Whitehorse, YT 2 years 2016-18
CASW Board Rep Rachel Hollingshead Iqaluit, NU 2 years, extended one year by request of CASW 2014-17
Student Director Megan Sharp Whitehorse, YT 1 year 2016-17
Past President Vanessa Rankin Yellowknife, NT 1 year 2016-17
Yukon Directors        
Regional Vice President        
  Ian MacDonald Whitehorse 3 years 2015-18
Director 2 year Jan Wood Whitehorse 2 years 2015-17
Director Lynn Sparks Whitehorse 1 year 2016-17
NWT Directors        
Regional Vice President Susan Fitzky Yellowknife 3 years 2014-17
Director 2 year Mary Bishop Fort Smith 2 years 2016-18
Director 1 year Dawn McInnes Yellowknife 1 year 2016-17
Nunavut Directors        
Regional Vice President Jessica Shabtai Iqaluit 3 years 2015-18
Director Ann Rose Kerkovius Cambridge Bay 2 years 2015-17
Director Taylor Lamarche Cape Dorset 1 year 2016-17
Ex Officio        
Executive Director Lesley Carberry Whitehorse, YT 1 year, with option for renewal 2016-17

2016 Annual General Meeting

You’re invited! The ASWNC will be hosting our 2016 Annual General Meeting on October 14th at 9:30 am (PST) in room A 2714 at Yukon College (doors open at 9:00 am). A simultaneous gathering will also be held at 10:30 am (MST) in room 125 at Aurora College in Yellowknife (doors open at 10:00 am). Come on out or dial in to learn more about the Association, connect with social work colleagues and take part in demonstrating the collective voice of Canada’s northern social workers!

National Social Work Month

Happy National Social Work Month!

“Social Work: Profession of Choice” remains the theme for National Social Work Month (March 2016). This year the ASWNC has partnered with all three territorial governments to thank all social workers in and outside of government for all your hard work.

We know that social workers can be found across the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut working with individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance individual and collective well-being. As social workers we are dedicated to the empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and/or living in poverty and we endeavour to change the structures that contribute to these concerns. This is busy and hard work and you are not alone in this. Whether you are in Whitehorse, Aklavik or Cambridge Bay we would like to honour all social workers for the work you do!

With this in mind, the ASWNC is launching a social media campaign to call attention to your hard work and to assist in educating residents of northern Canada about our profession. Over the next few weeks it is our hope that the attached post card makes it to you! If you do not receive a post card, feel free to download one here. Also, if you wish to be added to our mailing list, feel free to contact Vanessa Rankin at: president@socialworknorth.com.

We would like to invite you to take a “selfie” with your postcard and post this to the ASWNC Facebook page with a brief note about why social work is a profession of choice for you. At 5:00 pm MST on Friday, April 15, 2016 we will draw one name per territory out of those who submit their photo for a free one year membership to the ASWNC. If you are not on Facebook, no problem! Feel free to submit your entry by email to: president@socialworknorth.com to be entered in the draw.

Wishing you a very happy National Social Work Month!


NSWM - YT PDF_Page_2

NSWM - Nunavut PDF_Page_2

Elected Nov. 19, 2015 AGM


  • President : Vanessa Rankin
  • Vice President : Dana Jennejohn
  • Secretary / Treasurer : Lisa Rawlings-Bird
  • CASW Board Representative : Rachael Hollingshead
  • Student Director : Alyssa Carpenter

Yukon Directors

  • Regional Vice President :Ian MacDonald
  • Director (2 year term) Jan Wood
  • Director (1 year term) : Kristy Burgess

Northwest Territories Directors

  • Regional Vice President :  Susan Fitzky
  • Director (2 year term) : Mary Bishop
  • Director (1 year term) : Sandra Sulliman

Nunavut Directors

  • Regional Vice President : Jessica Shabtai
  • Director (2 year term) : Ann Rose Kerkovious
  • Director (1 year term) : Cassandra Yantha